Wednesday 2nd Feb 11am PST - TALK IT OUT


The ultimate 2022 confidence reboot Zoom workshop

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So you know that feeling when you’re watching someone absolutely OWNING it. Their performance, their singing, their life… they just show up. And you’re like damn, I want some of that. Are you constantly saying “I wanna be more confident” over and over again? And what is this Main character energy we keep hearing about? What does it actually mean? And how we can actually start making tangible steps to reach this goal of confidence, ya hear me?


And look maybe you’ve been trying? Maybe you’ve grown substantially from a year ago in this department, or maybe you haven’t started your journey with this yet. Either way, it’s time to get REAL about your confidence. It’s time to unpack the WHY, peel back the layers and start ACTUALLY doing something about it. Because if not now, when??

No one is coming to live your life, it’s you baby and if you’ve been following me for a while you know I mean it when I say “Everything you need is already inside of you” so, let’s befriend all the parts - the amazingness of you- the icky bits that are a little afraid and standing in the wings and let’s get confident friends.

I’m all about sharing goodness and to be honest, it’s in these supportive communities that we grow the most, SO.. when you sign up for this workshop at $22, you’ll also get 1 free pass to give to a friend, sibling, whoever so you both can experience all the amazing tips, tricks and support for your year ahead

Just some of the goodness you'll be learning about on this 'ZOOM' workshop:

- What is Main character energy + confidence? and how do you get more of it?

- Figuring out the highlight list of things that make YOU unique and how to harness your own power

- How you can use your inspirations to help you get your shit together

- The things that you think are “bad” and unworthy that keep showing up and how to put em to rest

-  Why confidence is a muscle that needs to be worked and if we don’t use it we lose it

--What are the steps that you can take now for 2022 

- Q + A community is where it's at, we real talk it out together :)

Can't wait to see there!! x