Are you ready to inject some pure JOY into your life?

Look, maybe you didn’t even know this was even possible for you? You’ve probably seen a ton of vocal coaches who work with people who wanna make it big and that’s awesome.

BUT, I decided to come up with a program for people like you who just want to have fun, work on your singing and get in touch with a side of yourself that you’ve probably been hiding. It’s all about having a ridiculous amount of fun in a way you’ve never let yourself before

😊😊 "Mia is possibly the most supportive and encouraging teacher of any kind I've ever had. I had zero singing experience and had never sung in front of anyone before starting with Mia and she made me feel completely at ease. I'm amazed at the progress I've made in such a short time, and I walk out of every single lesson with a smile on my face!"
-Nick W

"Yep cool Mia..but I'm not a professional singer" :( 

Guess what?

You don't have to be! Woo hoo! 

Everything you need is already within YOU.

Just download Zoom, get in a comfy place without any distractions and you're ready for an hour of pure joy!


😊😊 "In just 60 minutes, Mia helped me to rediscover my confidence and my voice I highly recommend her coaching and will definitely be back! Thank you Mia! You're a bright light! :)"
-Holly S

 😊😊 I feel so fortunate to have found Mia! I recently got back into singing after years away. She has helped me improve my technique in two months in ways that years of prior training had not.

She is talented, supportive, sweet, patient, and kind--attributes that allow me to take risks I otherwise might not. I honestly cannot say enough good things. She is a gem!!
-Jamie R

There are only 4 places available so get in quick!

What does this include?

* 1 hour Vocal lesson on Zoom

* Getting to know your story

* Choosing songs that light you up

* Detouring around any road blocks


* Tailor made fun vocal notes

* Warming up


* Mindset reset

* Singing (of course)






*After your introductory vocal lesson monthly package deals are available to purchase

I cannot WAIT to meet you.

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